Whiter Image was created by a team of dental experts to provide the fastest, most comfortable and convenient, non-irritating, yet still professional grade, effective teeth whitening system on the market.

WHITER IMAGE discovered that high percentages of stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide combined with a unique, patented custom mouth tray gave better results than a single office visit.

After testing these active formulas on patients, they determined using professional grade whiteners consistently delivered longer lasting whitening results. Individually our products are superior; together they are undeniably fast and powerful, creating extra-white smiles that exude confidence. Combined with dual-activation technology, our powerful high percentage Hydrogen Peroxide dissolves deep stains more quickly and reduces tray-wear time.

WHITER IMAGE combines professional-grade ingredients to produce the brightest, whitest smiles.

How it Works

Your teeth have many nooks and crevices where stains can get trapped permanently.  The key to Whiter Image’s success is our patented dual barrel whitening gel that bio-activates tiny micro-bubbles which penetrate even the hardest-to-reach spaces between your teeth while reducing sensitivity.  

By breaking down these stains, Whiter Image is able to strengthen tooth enamel while gently clearing away discolorations caused by food, wine, smoking and airborne toxins.  The result is whiter teeth for your brightest smile ever. 

WHITER IMAGE:  When You Smile, We Make it Brighter