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  • Teeth Whitening While Tanning

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  •  You visit the tanning salon to help improve the appearance of your skin and may also utilize the salon’s additional cosmetic products. Have you ever considered the benefits of teeth whitening while tanning and the convenience this could offer to your beauty-enhancement efforts? Whiter Image has designed a system specifically for teeth whitening at tanning salons that utilizes the UV rays from the tanning bed to work safely in cohesion with the teeth whitening products in our UV White kit. To benefit from teeth whitening at the tanning salon, simply apply our proprietary teeth whitening gel to the front of your teeth, slide on the comfortable silicone mouthpiece (to protect your lips), and tan as you normally would. The benefit of teeth whitening while tanning is that you effectively knock out two birds with one stone and maximize your tanning experience while significantly whitening your teeth.




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