Enhance smiles with teeth whitening, enhance your bottom line

Transform your spa into the ideal destination for all of your clients’ cosmetic needs with spa teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a $15 billion a year industry that can help transform your spa into a multi-faceted profit center to the benefit of you and your clients. Clients turn to your spa to improve all aspects of their appearance; appease all of your clients’ needs by letting them know your ‘teeth whitening spa’ gives them another reason to make all of their cosmetic-related purchases with you. In addition to beautifying hair, nails, and skin, add our popular spa teeth whitening systems to your business today.

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Products that Perform

These teeth whitening pens are guaranteed to be the talk of your customers and will drive referrals, profits, and buzz!

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Marketing Support

Our teeth whitening products include point of purchase units, table tents, buttons, and brochures with your order to maximize sales!

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