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About Whiter Image | A Teeth Whitening Products Industry Leader


Whiter Image is a national leader in the teeth whitening industry and we have made a name for ourselves by offering advanced teeth whitening products with only the most premium materials and innovative concepts in the industry.


With customer results, comfort and safety as our emphasis, we have created proprietary technologies and delivery systems that meet and exceed CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards. All of Whiter Image’s offerings are designed to be the best teeth whitening products on the market and our unique products such as our teeth whitening pens, home whitening kits and tanning whitening products stand out as innovative and effective. A large portion of the success and popularity of our teeth whitening products is our unique hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide gel blend that delivers rapid results but is designed to be safe for sensitive teeth.


Our focus and determination is to provide superior teeth whitening and beauty results to our customers one beautiful smile at a time! When you think of how to get white teeth, think of Whiter Image.



Meet the Team

Keith Rodbell

Founding Partner

imag8 About Us Mr. Rodbell is primarily responsible for developing, managing and implementing the company’s strategic initiatives and investor relation. Mr. Rodbell brings to Whiter Image over 28 years of marketing and sales and operational leadership experience, and has previously owned two successful corporate service companies.

Throughout his career, Mr. Rodbell has focused on the growth of corporate revenues, as demonstrated by the success of his previous ventures. Mr. Rodbell co-founded Whiter Image, and has been involved in all aspects of the strategic direction and management of the organization to date. His primary role has been to develop the sales and marketing team and establish strategic relationships with-in the industry. He also co-founded elementals health & wellness systems with over 350 locations in the medical and wellness markets.

Mr. Rodbell is actively involved in the Atlanta community and has served on numerous Charity and organizational boards including The Wellness Community, the Atlanta Jewish Federation, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Arts Festival, and Shepard Spinal Center, IDRC, CORNET, IFMA, IFMA, and BOMA.



Brad Stevens

Founding Partner

Stevens About Us Mr. Stevens is primarily responsible for developing, managing and implementing the company’s financial and operational initiatives. Mr. Stevens co-founded Whiter Image and brings years of proven success in these areas and has been an essential partner in effectively advancing the relationships with the company’s strategic marketing and business development partners. Mr. Stevens’ key financial and management leadership has helped formulate corporate policy to direct the day to day and long-term operations necessary to successfully launch Whiter Image across the country.

Mr. Stevens attended Harvard University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Finance and Marketing. He also co-founded several other successful companies including elementals health & wellness systems with over 350 locations in the medical and wellness markets and Physician Rx Assistance specializing in helping low-income patients qualify for more affordable healthcare options with over 3,000 patients nationwide who have saved more than $2,000,000 through his services.



Chris Morrison

Marketing Director

Chris About Us Christopher Morrison comes to Whiter Image Dental with significant experience in Strategic Marketing and Analysis. Mr. Morrison is a graduate of the University of Miami, School of Business and attained his MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Chris has a keen eye for the detail and elements necessary for winning marketing campaigns.

Mr. Morrison has had extensive experience with producing highly successful marketing campaigns for AT&T. He has also produced significant results for campaigns geared towards clients of Las Vegas Sands’ US based properties, and has worked with brand partners, including the NBA, Lamborghini and the Denver Nuggets basketball team.